Best CRM Android/iPhone Apps

With all the people that one comes in contact with it is hard to remember their names and email addresses. This is especially important if a person works for a business. That is where the help of an app comes in. the customer relationship manager or the CRM app can help store the name of customers, names of supplies, and everyone else that a person would interact with. They will be able to store their contact information as well as the position that they hold they can even hold information from the last conversation. These are some of the best CRM apps that can be used.

 Google Contacts

This app is an address book that is built right in Gmail. In addition to keeping track of names and contact information, this app will automatically update the information when it is updated in Google +. In addition to contact pages, the contacts can be kept in plain text notes as well. The tap more feature will show the order that a person contacted the people in their contact list.


This app is able to store all the information securely that a person needs about their contacts including any tasks that are related to them, previous conversations, and other relevant information. This app will have all of the information a person needs to understand their contacts and they can email them directly from the app. This app is simple to use and there are a number of flexible options. Clients can be grouped together as a person sees fit and will allow a person to have a strong business focus.


This app will allow a person to scan through their contacts and they will not have to click on their page until they need specific information. This app will show a short summary of the contact information. The contacts can be arranged by their name, location, or custom organization. This app has additional features as well. It will allow a person to even add team meetings or upcoming meets within the app. They will get a notification when the meeting is about to happen. This app gives a reminder as well.



This is another app that will work within the Gmail program. The app will allow a person to have extra features as well and even if they are not Google users they will still be able to access this app. In addition to storing the contact information, a person will be able to have links to social media profiles of their contacts. They can also add notes and tasks that they need to compete with their clients. There is also a feature for advanced reports as well.

These are some of the best apps to help a person stay up to date with their contact information. Thanks to these apps they will be able to remember the name and contact information of all the business associate they have come in contact with and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting a name of a company.

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