Best IT Help Desk Softwares

Using help desk software has a lot of advantages. For example, once you install the software, you will never feel stressed while opening your mailbox. Since the software will take care of most of the customer queries or complaints, your inbox will no longer receive the hundreds of emails, as might have been the case before the installation of help desk software. Another benefit that’s worth mentioning is that your inbox will get the required protection from spammers.

Most of the help desk software systems have inbuilt spam protection that identifies spam emails and makes sure that they never reach your inbox. In effect, only genuine customer queries or complaints will manage to get your attention. Apart from these, what’s good about help desk software packages is that most of them are available at affordable rates, something that makes them the perfect option for small online businesses. For a one-time charge, you can have complete ownership of a help desk software package. You can use it as long as it continues to suit the needs and requirements of your online business. The following are the Best IT Help Desk Softwares to manage security and user related issues:

  1. Zendesk.

This is web-based help desk software that supports self-ticket customer care services. It does that by combining the fields Type (Incident, Question, Task, problem), Priority, and Status ( Open, New, Pending, Solved), and age hence creating a score that places a ticket. There is also an Android App and a IOS version available.

  1. Sysaid.

SysAid automates your hardware configurations, processes for help desk, asset monitoring, projects, software licenses, tasks, and much more. Sysaid automatically scans and tests your network hence providing all the required details about each machine and allows you to control them remotely.

  1. Osticket.

The help desktop software puts your tickets on queries retains your customer for long. Downloading the help desk software is free.

  1. Web Help Desk.

This is web-based desk software that helps IT technicians with track work time, a self-service knowledge database, email-to-ticket conversion, LDAP & Active Directory integration, trouble ticket email notifications, and much more.

  1. Help star.

Help star is the help desk software that has asset management software that is used in tracking PC assets and configurations and, helps manage work orders, and performs queries and reports.

  1. Spiceworks.

Spiceworks helps you organize your work, manage user tickets and assign tasks to your helpdesk team. The software also enables you to assign tickets across your IT team, receive tickets via email or web, create tickets while browsing and track tickets by asset, user, due date and more.

  1. ZohoSupport:

Zoho allows you to automate several tasks which are manually fixed in other desk software. By using Zoho, you can measure the amount of customer satisfaction that will help create customizable reports in a graphical dashboard.

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