The Best Paid Android Apps

Did you know that by just possessing an Android device you have great wealth at your fingertips? Well, if you didn’t, Google is rich in great apps that can help you do much more than you expected. In fact, it has more essential apps than you thought, some of which are free. However, if you’re willing to dig deeper into your pockets, then you’re in a position to get quite excellent apps. Below are some of the best paid Android apps.

Solid Explorer

At only $1.99 and with two weeks trial, this app is packed with a quality file manager which sticks to a clean style of Material design. It provides simple operations of drag and drop, and has a two-pane interface mode that makes deleting or copying files easy. The app provides inbuilt support for various archived data inclusive of RAR and ZIP. And above all, it allows you to have accessibility to Google Drive and Dropbox at a cheap fee.

Zooper Widget Pro (for $2.99)

This app permits you to make your Android widget with a combination of potential possible options, like weather forecast and date among others. As the Zooper free version offers various essential functions, its Pro version provides templates and widget options that our mobile’s SD card can save. It has an ad-free mode and so much more. Precisely, it is entirely a catch!


It is true that the majority of the android tablets and phones come in unison with an inbuilt music player. However, power users searching for a more configurable and capable app may want to go for Poweramp. With two weeks free trial and at only $3.99, it is a favorite app amongst Android users. After trying it, you will wonder what kept you from having it.

SKRWT (for $1.49)

For those who love editing their images, this is your app. It is a superb editing app for pictures to do away with those distortions as a result of poor camera lenses. This app allows for the application of key corrections, straightening the lens and so much more. Imagine all this in a reasonably easy interface which doesn’t overwhelm just like a generalized photo editor.

Monument Valley 2

For the die-hard gamers, you are no left out, for you can install this app that only costs $4.99. With its optical illusions that are Escher-like, it has a terrific sequel. The games also have minimalist storytelling. Monument Valley 2 consists of stimulating puzzles and a heart glowing light that glows while you navigate. What a glamorous app!

Finally, Google apps are numerous, but the few discussed above, are splendid. I don’t know which of them you liked most, but I believe you will not regret downloading these apps for just a pocket -friendly fee. Download some, and live life at its best.

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