The Fastest Computer System


There are many types of computer systems but the one that outshines them all due to its high speed is China’s Tianhe-2 super computer which runs at 33.86 quadrillion floating point actions per second.

A super computer is the top modern processing capacity which can run up to trillions of floating point operations per second. Super computers were introduced in the 1960s at Control Data Corporation by Seymour Cray together with other companies with the aim of improving the way computers operate.

The supercomputers that were first introduced used to operate only on a few processors and in the 1990s machines that operated using thousands of processors were introduced and there was even more computers that operated on tens of thousands of processors, so as to add to the efficiency of the previous computers. But out of all these computers that operate on tens of thousands of processors, Tianhe-2 remains the fastest computer system in the world, since November 2014.

The supercomputer has the ability to fully complete tasks within a short time thus saving time and making things easy for the user. This therefore means that it can be used in an office where time is of vital essence, this super computer should be able to do all the work without feeling the pressure. These super computers can operate using two different paths, the first one is that a larger number of computer machines on a network concentrate on solving problems with each machine assigned its own tasks that it is expected to complete and pass results via central server which puts together all competed tasks from all clients in one place.


In another part, the computers with large numbers of committed processors are kept close together so as to save the user from using a lot of time while transferring data thus making it better for the processors to work together. This therefore saves time and makes work fast and interesting since more will be achieved.


Working with these supercomputers is a good especially for big organizations that have many tasks that need to be performed within a short period of time. Having these super computers can make such organizations achieve more within a short period of time.


The super computers play a vital role in the field of computer science and technology and are used to achieve an extensive number of intensive tasks in different fields which include and not limited to molecular modeling, climate research, weather forecasting, oil and gas exploration, quantum mechanics and physical simulations. Molecular modeling is all about properties and computing structures of chemical compounds and also biological macromolecules, crystals and polymers.


With all these tasks, the super computer Tianhe-2 will have to step up so that it is not overtaken by a more powerful and fast computer system that may be launched in the future. For Tianhe-2 to stay in the market the manufacturers will have to keep coming up with new ideas that will improve its functions further, because the world of technology has progressed and it is very competitive.

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