What is Python?

If you’re looking to learn coding and develop apps, one of the programming languages that you need to learn in Python. The language is one of the more popular ones among software and app developers and is known for its extensive capabilities.

What is Python?

In a world of syntax heavy and cluttered programming languages, Python is like a breath of fresh air. It is a structured Object Oriented Programming Language and has often been compared to other similar languages such as Perl, Ruby and Java. The language is extensively used when developing apps and software for different devices.

How does Python help?

How can you use Python to its fullest capabilities? Here is a look at what Python can do. The following features define what Python is.

  • It is an structured and quite an elegant programming language and hence easier to read and write as well as learn
  • A large range of data types are available like numbers, strings, dictionaries and lists
  • Has a large standard library that connects and supports other programming efforts like web servers, searching text and modifying files
  • The most awesome feature of Python is its ability to run on multi operating platforms: Windows, MacOS, Unix, you name it. As a result of this, Python is the most preferred programming language for most developers.
  • The other most astounding thing about this program is that is open source. It does not cost anything to download or use Python. It can also be freely modified and distributed.
  • Python as a language is a robustly structured phenomenon. Hence, Data types are dynamically typed. If per chance incompatible types are mixed in its syntaxes, then exception is raised. Hence, errors are caught sooner in Python.

How can it help you?

If you’re looking to develop software that will take less time to develop, is easy to create and check, Python is one of the options you should definitely be looking at. Python’s high level built in data structures in tandem with dynamic typing and binding, makes it an ideal choice for RAD (Rapid Application Development. This is also the same reason why Python is used as a scripting language to connect other components. Modules and packages are also supported by Python and hence program modularity and re-usage of code is possible. The fact that you can use Python to develop software across a wide range of platforms makes it a favourite among many app developers. Also, add to it the fact that it is open source, and you can contribute to the development of the language. It is also one of the primary reasons that Python has evolved a lot faster than many other programming languages.

The reason why programmers love this programming language is because of the increased productivity it provides to its many users.

Python is a language to be learned and loved.

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